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Älynäkemykseni (engl.)

Learn Intelligence from the Nature

Encoded in our nature are our instructions of usage: what God or the evolution's countless generations meant our lives to be like, for us to stay healthy and fully capable, to live a life fully according to our deepest nature. Those healthy natural ways of living on all areas of life, with the living environment and the human society in superb health too, those are still nowadays our guide to the best possible functioning: to intelligence and skill on all areas of life. Those ways of living are much like our forefathers lived in a close contact with the wild nature; those are much like how the wild animals even nowadays live, so there is a lot that we can learn from the wild nature! If we only know how to learn and how to apply that knowledge and skill to our modern lives in the modern industrialized environment with it's schooling and alianated human-orinted ways. That is a skill that many lack, but here is what I have learned about it:
The major difference between humans and animals, and the reason why wild animals are many times as intelligent as humans, is that we modern humans live mainly in a build city environment that consists of a few staright lines and square forms and nothing else, that's very simple to look at, too simple for our nature, for our instructions of usage, and leaves us with a much lesser intelligence in pictorial thinking, like most of objective thinking is, than the wild animals in the wild nature with it's complexity of seen structures, colours, sensations, of all kinds of things to look at and based on which they can - and we too could! - form a rich objective picture of how things are, with proportions and structures right, a so complex yet easy picture that being used to such makes all thinking and skills easy and effortless yet very effective.
So what we can learn from the wild animals? We can learn how to look and how to observe all kinds of things: naturally, with ease and with a huge complexity that observes even fine shades of meaning without losing sight of the whole, and observes everything with such drowning to the level of experience that we at once understand what each phenomenom means to life (Feelings tell us this! While our instinct nature tells us whather it is a question of using the eyes, running, feeling compassion, communicating or whatever.), with such fascination and relaxed awareness that we never grow tired of it - no: we feel ever more refreshed the more time we spend in the nature and the more emotional and natural our way of life is!
Such things we can learn both by copying from the animals (not acting but sincerely learning!) and by wandering in the nature ourselves. But there is more than that we can learn: If we copy even more from the wild animals: not only the eyes and attention, but also attention in moving, beauty, feelings, friendly sociality, open-minded expression, ways of thinking in a flash of an eye complex landscapes with social information, ways of living, communication and practical sides of things  and the major matters of life and death, everything right; then we get nearer the natural balance of how to do things, the natural division of attention and natural ways of doing things on all the different areas of life, and so we get a much increased capacity in everything: not only a 100-fold like on who looks at a tree while thining, not only a 1000-fold like one who loves the nature and spends time admiring it's beauty, but maybe 100 000-fold like on who has found the right chord in the art of living. Such differencies are great differencies in style i.e. in the ways to do things. They bring more successes and much less failures, a positive emotional style with ease and harmony. When you compare such style to your normal ways of thinking, observe what 1/100th part of that intelligence would produce in the style of doing, what about 1/10 000th part - and a 1/100 000th part! When one way of thinking can predict all the thoughts you can thing on some other way of thinking, then the more capable is clearly the more intelligent way to think! But it is so complex that it looks vague in the eyes of the more stupid. Only stupid thoughts one can understand clearly, while intelligent thoughts go quickly and emphasize new different kinds of points to take into account: that is what intelligence builds it's more efficient results on, that is the thing that intelligence is good for!
How then think with an intelligent natural sincere style like a wild animal, if one still lives with the ordinary humans with their ordinary ways of thinking? One must start with a landscape like view, that is how one really thinks, so one must not forget that view while communicating with the more clumsy slow witted people. That landscape view has a seen structure, which you can look more closely with your eye sight, the more detaiuledly the slower witted the other one is. This way one can thing complex thoughts and discuss them as detailedly as others wish. But the real way that one thinks by is the landscape view. The focus on details is for communication only.

Compare to the Finnish national inheritage and traditional cultural characteristics connected to Kalevala.

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