sunnuntai 14. helmikuuta 2016


Advices about overcoming difficulties in making correct generalizations about things connected to humans

The correct generalization typically isn't "the same to all", instead it is "everything according to JUSTICE".

All do not have feelings about others, or they claim that they do not have. One cannot replace feelings about others by one's own selfish feelings or one's feelings about oneself. Instead most can learn those kind of feelings about others. They are something like if you are taking part in some birthday party, you might at some occasion feel mildly freindly toward the one celebrating one's birthday and say "please take a piece of cake yourself". Such mild positively feeling feelings are feelings about others that one can use in making correct generalizations. So the others are more distant to yourself than what you thought this far, the world is further away and larger.
Or if you listen to someone talking about a concert they went to, you might feel that concerts are nice to have around, to have the possibility to where one lives. So you have a feeling about a phenomenom in the world, in the society and you feel likewise as others about it and your feelings and your thoughts go along the lines that is generally considered good quality thinking about them, telling about the value of those things in the world and in life.

Making generalizations isn't build on some theory perspectiva far from practise. Instead you look at the cases at hand, make a generalization based on them. Then put that away to memory andpick new cases randomly from your memory, make generalizations based on them and compare the end result to the first generalisations. Repeat a few times.

If social things seem a mess, you should learn to estimate the value of each point (and each point of view) that you raise: how wide area of validity it has, how sure it is, how moral it is, what kind of ways of thinking it is based on, what areas of life it belongs to. So you have one map of these things for different points on different atmosphere according to what they are like and which ways thought of etc. Do this also when you have gotten social influence from someone else, so that the points are more on her/his typical point of view and ways of looking at things and her/his areas of life.