torstai 23. toukokuuta 2013

My Idol: The Nature

What our innermost nature sdays, is wise. Our ages old nature tells us what is the right, superbly best way to live both one's own life and how to arrange the wide world for best survival, success, happiness and harmony.
In our nature there is encoded our instructions of usage: what we need, what we love when we have it, what we feel fascinations towards and also what we instinctually repel away from our lives, knowing that it is harmful for ourselves and for the world, for the society.
Too much schooling is one of those things that we instinctually repel. As toddlers we rapidly learn about life and grow up as individuals. But as we reach school age and our parents somehow manage to enter us to school, all that learning goes ashtray and gets replaced by memorizing the thoughts of others. The human nature is wise, animals are wise but school is not wise. Once I got rid of university, my objective school like intelligence rose rapidly to many times as high as before when I studied. In school those who value school the most are the most stupid pupils in school, they do least well in their stidies and even when they succeed, it seems that the learning did not reach their true understanding enough to affect their life and social ways. It is afact that school like things get survived through based on everyday common sense, practical life, emnotional wisdom, arts, social eye etc. School is not the instructions of usage for school, instead the true nature of human intelligence and human understanding is something different from school - something we instinctually know, something which we can learn with our common sense, feelings and wisdom of life, something supported by the senses and practical physical life. Our sense show us the structures in the world, that's what thinking too aims at, and the esiest, most straightforward, the only way that makes sense at all, is to follow the example of using the senses in practical life with contact with the nature, to use that as a model of what thinking too should be like - and so it works bets! The practical person sees things so clearly, while the academical professional sees so few things and so vaguely, that the practical kind of person just thinks straighforwardly that the academical persons are kind of stupid, which they truly are, and that the practical persons have much more wisdom, wisdom of life, which they truly have. It is just a difference of approach which produces differencies in intelligence. Only where the practical person copies school like ways, they too go ashtray like the academical people with more experience.

Compare to the Finnish national inherotage and traditional cultural characteristics connected to Kalevala.

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